Food Babe rushed to hospital with nitrogen ingestion

Food Babe rushed to hospital with nitrogen ingestion

NEW YORK, NY – Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, was rushed to New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City with what her reps are saying is a serious case of nitrogen ingestion.

“Vani is stable and doing well, despite her harrowing ordeal” her spokeswoman said. “We ask you to send your thoughts, prayers, affiliate commissions and paypal donations to Ms. Hari during this very difficult time.”

Upon arrival to the emergency department, doctors assessed Hari and concluded she was fine, albeit a little malnourished.

“We did a bunch of tests -mostly at her request- and determined nothing was wrong,” said Dr. Azo Dicarbonamide. “She insisted we check her lung capacity and test the composition of the air in her lungs. When it came back at over 70% nitrogen, she insisted we admit her.”

For right now it appears that Ms. Hari is in stable condition, spending most of her time arguing with the hospital staff about the food being served. Employees of the hospital told The Spudd that The Food Babe had to be warned multiple times about taking food from other patients because she deemed it unhealthy.


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    Lol excellent!


  • Damn that nitrogen!

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    what a cunt

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      lacks the warmth or the depth

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    Don’t worry, “nitrogen” is easy to pronounce

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    Who’d have thought the airlines would impose their nitrogen content on the general population. l Guess Food Bimbo sort of missed this important fact. I find this “shocking!.”

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    I don’t think she’d go to a hospital, it’s full of things she can’t pronounce so she’d be terrified. She’d probably just stay home, eat a pound of garlic and rub some crystals on her face or something.