Food Babe attempts to go 24 hours without making scientific blunder

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CHARLOTTE, NC – Vani Hari, aka the Food Babe, is attempting to go a full 24 hours without making a scientific error. Known for publishing and promoting food quackery and scientific inaccuracies, Ms. Hari will attempt the impossible: going a full day without making one of these errors.

“I think if I really try, I can do it” explains Hari. “I don’t plan on flying in the next 24 hours, so I’m safe there,” said the Food Babe referring to her oxygen/nitrogen fiasco a few years ago, where lh6dpf6ihthiuqnlqogx-418x215she complained that the air in airplane cabins wasn’t 100% oxygen.

Vani plans on only tweeting and posting about subjects she is really sure about.

“I’ll try and limit myself to talking about GMOs and the coloring in food and drinks. At least I know for sure that  those things are accurate” she said.

The Science Post doesn’t hold out much hope that Ms. Hari can complete the challenge.

Up next, Vani plans on trying to go a full 24 hours without promoting her book.


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