ER physician surprised to see patient with actual emergency

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CLEVELAND, OH – A local emergency room physician was blown away recently when a man came into the ER with an actual emergency. Dr. Dave Tibu, a 4th year emergency resident, had not seen an actual emergency all week.

“Usually we get people who come with a small cut which doesn’t require stitches, or someone with the common cold who thinks they need emergency medical treatment,” said Tibu.

The patient, 32 year old Mark Hastrom, had a fractured radius and needed it to be set and fitted for a cast. The emergency doctors sprang into action, seemingly excited to see an actual emergency.

“The last time I saw a patient with a broken arm was when some modern alternative mom waited a week before bringing her child to the ER; she instead gave him essential oils and took him to a chiropractor if I recall” said Tibu.

Mr. Hastrom received his cast and was discharged later the same day.