Dr. Suzanne Humphries kicked out of Doctors Against Vaccines for not having online supplement store

In a move that shocked the anti-vaccine movement to its core, Dr. Suzanne Humphries was kicked out of the organization Doctors Against Vaccines for not having online supplement store. Founding members of the organization including Drs. Larry Palevsky,  Joseph Mercola, Sherri Tenpenny, and Toni Bark expressed regret at seeing one of their colleagues being forced out of the organization, but were unanimous in their agreement that the decision was the correct one. All of these doctors have made considerable sums of money selling their online wares to patients and strangers alike.

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, president of DAV told The Spudd, “She fits the bill perfectly in many ways. She has no training in immunology. She has no publications on vaccines. She embraces homeopathy. She is selling a book. But, she doesn’t have an online store. That shows that at a fundamental level, she doesn’t understand what this movement is all about.”

A stunned Dr. Humphries told The Spudd that while she understood not having an online supplement store was a stain on her anti-vaccine credentials, “I do suggest vitamin C for every disease known to man, and I do charge people an outrageous amount of money to receive it. There are papers from the 1930s showing the science behind this. Just because random people can’t buy my products off the internet doesn’t mean I am not anti-vaccine to the core.”


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