Donald Trump wants to build huge wall of Measles along Mexican border

Donald Trump was at it again this past weekend vowing that if he is elected President, his first order of business will be to build a giant wall along the US/Mexico border made of measles.

“This gonna be huge,” said Trump. “Mexicans won’t able to get into America without getting the measles. And if they get vaccinated first, they’ll all get autism anyways. It’s a win win.”

While many political, science and health professionals are saying the plan is impossible to pull off, Trump remains undeterred.

“Whoever goes against this plan will be fired” claimed Trump.

“The idea of having a wall of Measles is next to impossible, the logistics just don’t make any sense” said the CDC’s Dr. Frederick Follet. “I really don’t know how or why Mr. Trump came up with this idea.”

Mr. Trump is a well-known anti-vaccine advocate, and seems to believe that giving people from Mexico either the measles or autism is the solution to the perceived illegal immigration problem in the US.


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