Doctor gets taste of his own medicine, now cancer free

Local oncologist Dr. Wayne Harris recently finished his final round of chemotherapy and doctors have told him he is officially cancer free.

“It’s a great feeling, to be told you are cancer free is a such a wonderful thing” explained Harris. “I’ve been fortunate enough to tell many people that news over the course of my career, so to hear those words said to me was at the same time joyful and surreal.”

Dr. Harris was recently in the crosshairs of the anti-medicine, anti-chemo crowd on Twitter when several angry people tweeted to the oncologist that chemo was poison and that it kills more people than it cures.

“They tweeted to me that they wished I could get a “taste of my own medicine” in regards to chemotherapy. Well, it turns out I did get a taste of my own medicine: now I am cancer free.”

The Twitter users apparently did not respond to the oncologist’s reply and promptly blocked him.


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