Dad insists on doing daughter’s appendectomy after watching Youtube video

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AKRON, OH – The father of a 7 year-old girl insisted to doctors at the Akron Children’s Hospital that he perform the surgery on his daughter over the weekend. Nathan Furlong, 32, has been doing his research on appendectomies, and estimates he has watched over 14 hours of videos and documentaries on the procedure. He also claims to have done over 100 hours of reading on the subject.

Furlong now feels like he is the one who should be performing the surgery on his little girl and not the highly trained surgeons.

“I have the same feeling I did when I started researching vaccines; the feeling that you know more than your doctor” explained Furlong. “Most doctors are just brainwashed in medical school to push drugs, there is no way I would trust them to cut her open and remove one of her organs. She is my little girl and no one knows her better than I do.”

The surgical team at Akron Children’s is trying to convince Mr. Furlong that it is in the best interest of his daughter that they be the ones to remove her inflamed appendix. They are being met by a lot of resistance as Mr. Furlong says he will perform the surgery at home if he has to.

Social and Child Protective Services may have to be called in to make sure the little girl gets the necessary medical care. Mr. Furlong and his anti-vaccine group members are calling this another possible case of medical kidnapping.

“Why does the state and the medical mafia always think they know better than parents?” said anti-vaccine spokesperson Meryl Dorey. “It’s becoming an epidemic. People believing whatever doctors and surgeons tell them on blind faith. People need to wake up and do their research. Most medical procedures can performed at home after a little bit of video training.”

We will keep you posted as this case plays out.

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