Confused mom fails to blame vaccines for son’s autism or homosexuality

Local mom Maria Furlong shocked friends and family when she didn’t blame vaccines for her son’s autism, and later for his homosexuality.

“I don’t think his autism was caused by vaccines, I really don’t” said Furlong. “And I have never even heard of anyone saying vaccines can make someone gay. That just seems ridiculous and offensive to be honest.”

Well it is true that “blaming” vaccines for someone’s sexual orientation may seem ludicrous to some people, anti-vaccine groups claim it happens due to “hormone-disrupting chemicals” in vaccines.

“I can’t believe someone who has a son who is both on the autism spectrum AND gay, is not against vaccines” said anti-vaccine advocate Barbara Fisher. “Maybe she doesn’t have access to the internet? Maybe she has never read ANYTHING about vaccines? That is the only explanation I can think of because anyone who spends even five minutes researching vaccines would know they cause autism almost 100% of the time, and have certainly been proven to cause changes in sexual orientation as well.”

Mrs. Furlong continues to live in her blissful ignorance about vaccines, and even plans on telling her children to vaccinate their kids. Truly shocking.

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