Confused activists free cats and dogs from kennel, not medical research facility

Members acting on behalf of GREENTA, a combination of Green Peace and PETA, made a embarrassing mistake this week. The group accidentally targeted Gary’s Dog and Cat Condos thinking it was a medical research facility using animals as test subjects. It turns out that Gary’s is simply a kennel for people to leave their pets with when they are away.

“They trashed everything, let all the animals go and spray painted “Monkey Killer” on the wall,” explained Gary. “Now we have to try and track down all these poor people’s pets for them. The owners are very upset with GREENTA.”

The group admits they made a mistake, but insists their hearts were in the right place.

“We are against all forms of animal testing, and we had solid intel that Gary’s was a animal testing facility for pharmaceutical companies,” said GREENTA president Skye Rainbows. “We apologize for the error but do not apologize for our intent; the intent to save animals from cruel medical experiments.”

GREENTA refused to help pay for the damages to Gary’s, but the town has rallied around the beloved local man and started a crowdfunding campaign to help pay for the damages.


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