Anti-vaccine movement just three celebrities away from being taken seriously

The anti-vaccine movement is collecting celebrities like it collects diseases and it is now estimated.

Man spends entire day refreshing Facebook to see how many likes his comment gets

New anti-vaccine cult member Richard Campbell made a comment on an Natural News article about.

Anti-Vaccer believes he could win vaccine debate with Paul Offit, basketball game against Lebron James

Local anti-vaccer, Tony Barke, a 32 year-old father of one issued stark challenges to pediatrician.

Monsanto debuts new GMO that protects against vaccine injuries

Fresh on the heels of Merck’s announcement of a vaccine against GMOs, Monsanto has announced.

Breaking: CDC fires scientists and executives in major shake up of vaccine division

ATLANTA, GA – The Spudd has learned that the US Centers for Disease Control and.

Health startup "Injectr" raises $1.4 million in series A funding for new wireless vaccine technology

PALO ALTO, CA – A new health technology company, Injectr, has just finished its first.

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