Scientists discover new Homo species: Homo Phobius

Scientists from The Smithsonian Institution announced today news of the discovery of a new species.

Doctor says fuck it and opens vaccine, GMO and chemtrail detox center; makes millions

LOS ANGELES, CA – Local pediatrician Dr. Andrew Furey was upset with the number of.

Killer Whale assisted birth now trending; 10% survival rate so far

The latest trend among natural, granola moms is killer whale assisted water births. The idea.

Breaking: The Spudd makes FOIA request on The Food Babe

In a breaking story, yours truly put in a FOIA request for one Vani Hari,.

Anti-vaccers petition to get science books banned in public schools

Anti-vaccine advocates are furious that children will be taught using “evidence-based science” in the classroom..

Whole Foods announces new line of artisanal homeopathy products

AUSTIN, TX – In a press release issued today, grocery chain Whole Foods announced: “Whole.

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