Residents of Gluten, Missouri petition mayor to change name

Residents of a small town in rural Missouri are petitioning Mayor Gus Hardmin to change.

Anti-vaccer's online rant rudely interrupted when mother yells supper is ready

34 year-old anti-vaccine and anti-science stalwart James Cramer was really on a roll posting some.

The pros and cons of starting an anti-vaccine blog

PROS Get a feeling of superiority to your friends More credibility when you call people.

Government debuts AVAERS: Anti-Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System

ATLANTA, GA – The CDC in collaboration with the FDA and the Illuminati has announced.

Man sees Jesus' face in grilled cheese sandwich, eats it anyway

42-year old devote agnostic John Bennett found what he described as a perfect picture of.

Anti-GMO advocate develops first known case of "clueton intolerance"

Anti-GMO advocate Gary Reddy has developed what doctors are saying is the first documented case.