Syrian refugees refusing to enter America after learning GMO salmon approved by FDA

Hundreds of Syrian refugees are reportedly turning back from US borders after learning GMO salmon.

The pros and cons of following The Food Babe

  Pros   1. Get to be part of an army without having to fight.

Chipotle to introduce non-E.coli line of burritos

In the wake of the numerous food poisoning problems at Chipotle restaurants across the United.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Food Babe believes she was the face that launched a thousand ships, igniting the Trojan War

Vani Hari is at it again, this time taking credit for starting the mythical Trojan.

Whole Foods introduces completely made up healthy sounding vegetable

Whole Foods Inc. has announced they will begin to sell an all-new, recently discovered, all-organic.

Anti-GMO activists took the glyphosate challenge: massive e-coli poisoning after consuming manure

This past weekend a group of roughly 13 people were admitted at NYU Hospital due.

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