Whole Foods announces new line of artisanal homeopathy products

AUSTIN, TX – In a press release issued today, grocery chain Whole Foods announced: “Whole.

New Monsanto GMO corn reportedly protects against chemtrails

Agriculture giant Monsanto announced today that they have developed a new genetically modified corn which.

Local smoker refuses to use microwave for "health reasons"

Pack a day smoker Lynn Malone recently read about the horrors of microwave ovens and.

Anti-GMO advocate develops first known case of "clueton intolerance"

Anti-GMO advocate Gary Reddy has developed what doctors are saying is the first documented case.

Food Babe awarded Ban Hammer to the city

CHARLOTTE, NC – Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, was recently awarded a ceremonial Ban.

Anti-vaccine, anti-science couple hopeful modern medicine can save daughter

BOISE, ID – Local couple Matt and Liz Lawson are hopeful that their young daughter,.

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