People living in parents basements everywhere claim Paris attacks a huge conspiracy

NEW YORK, NY – File this one under not shocking, but many people are claiming.

Man tries to live life avoiding anything that "may" cause cancer

Like all of us, Jeffrey Wilson wants to live a long a happy life, obviously.

Breaking News: The Spudd has uncovered secret documents that show all vaccinated individuals will die

In a breaking story you won’t read anywhere else, The Spudd has learned that 100%.

Parents worried daughter is being taught science at local Catholic High School

Parents of 15 year-old Chastity Matthews are concerned that their daughter may be receiving some.

Climate change denier stumps scientists with one simple question

Climate change denier Dave Diamond recently had an aha moment. In an online discussion on.

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Alternative health followers planning on disappointing thousands of children this Halloween

Every Halloween there are certain houses all children avoid: the houses with all the lights.