Secret committee to decide on worst advancement in human history: vaccines, chemtrails or GMOs

NEW YORK, NY – An international committee of non-scientists and non-doctors are meeting next week.

Hundreds of parents called to pick up their adult children from conspiracy rally

TYROL, AUSTRIA – Hundreds of parents were reportedly called to pick up all of their.

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Anonymous hacks Big Organic; releases list of paid organic shills

EVERYWHERE – The Guy Fawkes wearing hacking group Anonymous appears to have struck again, this.

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Breaking: Conspiracy website confirms evidence of conspiracy

HOUSTON, TX – In a breaking story this morning, conspiracy theory website Natural News has.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Scientists confirm link between evil plots and giant maps with strings

ARLINGTON, VA – Scientists at the FBI have confirmed that anyone who has a wall.

Child Services investigating parents who refuse to blame vaccines for son's autism

CHANDLER, AZ – Parents of 3 year old Sean Powell are being investigated by Child.