science, health, satire, vaccines.
Gluten-free woman struggling to find some way she is being oppressed at new job

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Mary Seguin was excited to get a job at a hot.

ISIS to get rid of dental plan in an effort to save money

SYRIA – The militant group ISIS is feeling the financial effects of war and have.

science, health, satire, vaccines.
Anti-vaccer truly believes he won argument on Facebook by citing Natural News

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Local anti-vaccer Jay Wilson is giving himself a much-deserved pat on.

Gunman attacks Sandy Hook Truther meeting, victims conflicted about being a false flag

SANDY HOOK, CT – Another mass shooting has rocked America today on the third anniversary.

Secret committee to decide on worst advancement in human history: vaccines, chemtrails or GMOs

NEW YORK, NY – An international committee of non-scientists and non-doctors are meeting next week.

Hundreds of parents called to pick up their adult children from conspiracy rally

TYROL, AUSTRIA – Hundreds of parents were reportedly called to pick up all of their.