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Leaked emails show government officials admitting contrails are real

WASHINGTON, DC – In a shocking story coming out of Washington, leaked emails from Hilary.

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Anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist gets no response from CDC, claims victory

ATLANTA, GA – Local anti-vaccine conspiracy theorist Bob Kennedy revealed to the world today that.

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Vaccine and chemtrail injuries closely linked, study finds

LOCH NESS, SCOTLAND – In a breaking report coming out of Scotland today, it appears.

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Monsanto finally makes it into a Zika virus conspiracy theory

ST. LOUIS, MO – Executives at the dungeon lair headquarters of Monsanto are breathing a.

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Breaking: Bill Gates owned UN institutes forced abortion for Brazilian women

NEW YORK, NY – The United Nations (a subsidiary of the Bill and Linda Gates.

Leaked documents show Pharma Shills given advanced warning of chemtrail deployments

DENVER, CO – In a breaking story out of Denver, The Spudd Times has learned.