Mike Adams accidentally blames genetics for friends cancer

AUSTIN, TX – In a move that caught all his friends and family off-guard, Mike.

NWO hatches new plan to vaccinate clouds via chemtrails

SECRET UNDERGROUND LAIR – The New World Order in conjunction with the Illuminati, Bill Gates.

The more supplements for sale, the truthier it is

AUSTIN, TX – A recent study published in Supplements has discovered that the more supplements.

Genealogy study proves all pharma reps are direct descendants of Satan

NEW YORK, NY – Columbia University researchers have made a startling discovery when looking at.

New vaccine bill will force children to be vaccinated at gun point (probably)

LOS ANGELES, CA – State Senator Richard Pan, a pediatrician, has proposed legislation that does.

Food Babe secretly taking Intro to Science course at local community college

CHARLOTTE, NC – A student at a local community college noticed something strange about the.

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