Homeopathic burn remedy effective: allopaths stunned

Troy, Maine Doctors, skeptics and the scientific community as a whole were stunned today when.

Opinion: Stop feeling guilty! Your genes didn't give you cancer. It was your lifestyle and negative attitude.

By Yaser Ij For many people newly diagnosed with cancer, the two dominant emotions are.

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Breaking: Food Babe’s new book is full of chemicals

Vani Hari, aka the Food Babe Babe, is launching her new book The Food Babe.

"Conventional medicine can only put band-aids on problems, not fix them”

Holistic trauma surgeon Dr. Lance Sheppy gave a controversial, but well-received talk at the American.

Homeopathy and Reiki, like Phrenology, will one day be accepted by mainstream science

It may be hard for us in 2014 to imagine, but there was a time.

Beware of “Big Floss”

We survived almost all of human history without it. Yet in the last 100 years.