Pediatrician quits practice, opens online supplement store to make more money

NEW YORK, NY – Dr. Patricia Egan has been practicing medicine for nearly 10 years.

Pharma shilling to be added to med school curriculum

BALTIMORE, MD – Johns Hopkins School of Medicine will be adding a new course for.

Anti-cast the new hip trend in California

MALIBU, CA – California is an epicenter of hot yoga, anti-GMO advocates, measles and anti-vaccers..

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LAS VEGAS, NV – In one of the worst TEDx talks ever given, Sharyl Attkisson.

Breaking: Woman genuinely believes Big Pharma is NOT trying to kill us

ST.LOUIS, MO – Friends of 38 year-old Alison Deirdrich confirmed this morning that she genuinely.

What they won't tell you about vaccines

Awhile back at The Spudd we reported how Big Pharma paid off people to make.