California homeless population going gluten-free, soup kitchens struggle to meet demand

In a recent report, the California Department of Community Services estimated that over 60% of the homeless population has gone gluten-free.

“The gluten-free craze has swept the entire country and especially the state of California” said Director James Bernell. “So it is not a huge surprise that the homeless would be jumping on the gluten-free bandwagon as well.”

Well many are applauding the move stating the homeless population will now be much healthier, the shelters and kitchens who provide food are struggling to keep up with the demand.

“We run mostly on donations and we don’t get very many gluten-free drop offs” explained Rainbow Shelters owner Margie Edwards. “We have been trying to get monetary donations and purchase the gluten-free food ourselves, but it is very expensive.”

Many kitchens have reached out to Whole Foods for donations, but were immediately turned down. Monsanto offered to donate thousands of pounds of food, but the kitchens and shelters immediately turned them down.

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