Breaking News: Food Babe caught eating Kraft Mac and Cheese!

LOS ANGELES, CA – In a shocking development exclusive to The Spudd, the Food Babe was recently photographed eating what appears to be Kraft Mac and Cheese.  This would be a huge blow to Vani’s credibility as she makes all patrons of her website agree to a disclaimer that they will not buy Kraft products.

Below is the blurry image captured by one of our readers:



The Spudd reached out to the Food Babe and her representatives and showed her a copy of the image. She denied it was a photo of her, claiming that The Spudd had simply Googled an image and then made it blurry.

We are working hard to confirm the identify of the woman in the photo. If this photo is confirmed to be Food Babe, she will need to go into full on damage control.

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SP Team

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