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Breaking: Naturopath cures man’s general malaise and non-specific pain in only 5 weeks

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NEW YORK, NY – Naturopath and Reiki master Paul Therro has done the impossible: cure a man of his non-specific pain and discomfort in under 6 weeks, something Therro says is unheard of in conventional medicine.

“If Mr. Smith had gone to a regular doctor he would have been pumped full of pain killers and anti-inflammatories for weeks on end, never getting cured” explained Therro. “But with my healing crystals and special blend of $149.99 herbs he was better in less than 6 weeks.”

Gary Smith, 38, went to Therro on the advice of his cousin, a chiropractor.

“It cost me over $250 when all was said and done, not including the Robaxacet (back pain medication) I took at the same time,” said Smith. “I think next time I’ll just rest, do some stretches and take some over the counter anti-inflammatory meds.”

Therro argues that the back pain and anti-inflammatory meds had nothing to do with Smith’s recovery.

“If anything, they hindered his recovery. If he had just taken my herbs and homeopathic remedies he probably would have been better in 4 weeks,” claims Therro. “But since we’ll never know, I’ll go ahead and claim it as truth. That’s the Naturopathic way.”