Breaking: Food Babe in critical condition after demanding 100% oxygen while scuba diving

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MEXICO – Vani Hari, aka The Food Babe, is reportedly in critical condition at a Mexican hospital after a horrific scuba diving accident off the western coast of Mexico.

Speaking through a translator, Diego Sanchez explains what happened:

“Mrs. Babe said she wanted her scuba tanks to be 100% oxygen when she went diving, which is not good” explained Sanchez. “We tell her that she will not breathe and die but she insisted that Nitrogen was toxic.”

Most divers use was is called Nitrox when diving, which is anywhere from 22 to 40% oxygen. Breathing 100% oxygen for any extended period of time is very harmful and even deadly.

According to the EDA:

Oxygen becomes rapidly toxic at depth – prolonged exposure to pure oxygen below a few metres can kill you. It is not an appropriate scuba tank gas mixture. Technical divers use pure oxygen on carefully-calculated decompression dives, but this is beyond the scope of recreational diving and should not be attempted. Oxygen is also highly reactive and can make other substances flammable. Safety training is necessary to work with pure oxygen.”

Vani was explained all of this according to witnesses but explained that she is an expert on all thing chemical and she would be fine.

Stay tuned for updates.


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