Breaking: Autism outbreak reported at Disneyland

LOS ANGELES, CA – The CDC is reporting a huge rise in autism cases over the past week with patient zero believed to be a young boy with autism who recently vacationed at Disneyland.

“At this point there are 17 confirmed cases” said the CDC’s Dr. Walter Jasper. “We expect that number to rise throughout the coming weeks.”

The CDC also told The Spudd that since the passing of SB277 (the mandatory vaccine law which requires all residents of California to get forcibly held down and injected with neurotoxigenic poisonous vaccines directly into the bloodstream or go directly to prison) they have been expecting this.

“We knew once SB277 got passed we would see a rise in the autism rate” said Dr. Jasper. “We just didn’t expect to see it this quickly.”

Anti-vaccine advocates were also quick to warn about the growing “autism epidemic” that SB277 would surely contribute to.

“Are you really surprised?” asked anti-vaccine cult leader Meryl Dorey. “We know that vaccines cause autism is approximately 100% of kids, so now that California children are being forced to get vaccinated, it was inevitable that autism rate would skyrocket.”

Disneyland is apparently not concerned about the outbreak and encourages all children to come and enjoy the park.


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