Bravo announces two new reality shows: 'Real Housewives of Anti-Vaccers' and 'America's Got Measles'

LOS ANGELES, CA – Bravo is pushing the boundaries of reality television once again by announcing the airing of the two new shows.

“We have a great cast lined up for the new Real Housewives show” said producer James Huff. “Dr. Heather Wolfson (Jack Wolfson), Judy Wakefield (Andrew Wakefield), Amanda Sears (Bob Sears), and Melania Trump (Donald Trump) have all agreed to be on the show. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

The show will follow the housewives around 24 hours a day giving a glimpse into the life of the women behind the science-denying doctors and business moguls.

Bravo also announced it will revamped America’s Got Talent and change up the format to create America’s Got Measles. It is unclear at this point what exactly the show will entail, but it is expected to be a Big Brother and Survivor hybrid. Contestants (who are all anti-vaccine, germ-theory denialists) will be locked in a house for the summer with one mystery houseguest having the measles.

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