Area mom running out of people to listen to how her son is "advanced for his age"

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CHICAGO, IL – Local mom Andrea Temple is the proud mother of 3 year-old Bryce Temple, a smart and energetic young boy. Andrea believes that Bryce is the smartest and most advanced three year-old in the neighborhood and perhaps the state.

“He is so far ahead of all his peers at daycare, it’s actually kind of scary!” laughed Temple. “I’ve had him tested by a child psychologist who said he is “slightly above typical” for his age, but I am on a waiting list with another doctor to get a second opinion. I mean, Bryce is smarter than a lot of his cousins who are two and three years older than him.”

Temple is telling all the other parents at her sons daycare, her friends, family, yoga instructor, co-workers, and her local dry cleaning owner about Bryce and his above average intelligence. Now she fears she may be running out of people to tell.

“Yes I suppose I bring it up a lot now that I think about it, but what mother wouldn’t?” says Temple.

Area residents are well aware of Ms. Temple and her penchant for bragging about her son and tend to steer clear of her when they see her coming.

“Ugh, if I have to hear one more time about how great Bryce is, I’m gonna lose it” said Nancy Furlong, mother of 3 year-old Hank, a friend of Bryce. “I get it, you think you’re son is “3 going on 30!” but enough is enough.”

Reports indicate Ms. Temple is considering moving to a new suburb to seek out an entire new group of people to tell about her brilliant son.


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