Area man crashes plane after learning how to fly on YouTube

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LOS ANGELES, CA – Local anti-vaccine, anti-medicine, anti-GMO and flying enthusiast Jake Crosby, 37, decided he was going to learn how to fly. He immediately went to his favorite source of information: YouTube.

“I learned all about vaccines, medicine, the truth about 9/11, basically everything I know from YouTube,” explained Crosby. “The videos on there are more accurate and provide more information that scientists and doctors learn during their entire education, so I assume it is the same for pilots.”

It is well established that the average internet commenter knows more than doctors and scientists when it comes to things like vaccines and healthcare, but it is a little known fact that one can also learn more than airline pilots do as well.

“I watch several hours of flight training videos and played a few flight simulator video games. I would consider myself an expert in the field of aviation….along with medicine and vaccines too of course” said Crosby.

So what went wrong?

“Well after I forged all the necessary documents in order to rent a small plane, I only managed to get it off the ground about 20 feet or so before I came crashing down,” he recalled. “It wasn’t my fault though. The plane clearly had something wrong with it. I didn’t realize how much aluminum and mercury was in airplanes. No wonder they are so dangerous. I also found out after the fact that there has NEVER been a pilot vs no-pilot study regarding airplane crashes.”

The Science Times encourages all people to learn from credible sources and real experts in their fields, not from YouTube videos. Especially when it comes to flying airplanes.


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