Anti-vaccine parents refuse to let child wear safety harness at Disneyland

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Parents of unvaccinated Billy Moss, 9, got into a heated debate with the staff at Disneyland over the weekend concerning the safety harness on the roller coaster California Screamin’.

In the midst of a measles outbreak, Billy’s parents, Josh and Anne Moss, were hoping their son would catch the measles during their visit in order to get natural immunity.

“Some people think we are crazy, but I have probably read over 20 blogs on the internet. So I have done my research,” explains Anne.

The incident at the park occurred when a Disneyland employee attempted to put the safety harness on Billy’s shoulders before the start of the ride.

“I stepped up and said ‘no way'” explained Anne. “It is my right as a parent to decide if my child will wear a safety harness made with chemicals. Those harnesses are made of mostly vulcanized rubber which is full of sulphide and other dangerous chemicals. There is no way I am letting my child wear a chemical harness!”

The Disneyland employee explained that this wasn’t a choice – in order to go on the ride everyone must wear the safety harness.

“That is when I lost it,” said Anne. “Last time I checked we weren’t living in Nazi Germany. I have no choice what happens to my own child? This is crazy,” said a distraught Anne. Eventually security removed the boy so everyone else could keep enjoying the ride. Staff confirmed that Billy was fine with wearing the harness and was visibly upset that his parents would not let him enjoy his time at Disneyland.

“We will not being going back there,” explained Anne. “Disneyland has been bought by big safety. They are forcing kids to wear these hard, plastic, rubber chemical harness bars against their will. Did you know there has never been a safety harness vs no safety harness study on roller coasters? If they work so well, what are they afraid of?”

Good question Anne. Good question.

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