Anti-vaccine movement just three celebrities away from being taken seriously

The anti-vaccine movement is collecting celebrities like it collects diseases and it is now estimated they need only three more to be taken seriously. They already have the likes of Jenny McCarthy, Jim Carrey and Donald Trump, but more are needed to really push the envelope.

“If we can get a few more high profile celebrities to join our cause, I think we may really have something here” said chiropractor Billy DeMoss. “I’m probably the biggest celeb we have right now, so getting a few more people of my caliber would be fantastic.”

Well America in general is pro-vaccine, as over 95% of children receive their recommended vaccinations, there is still an strong obsession with celebrities and their opinions.

“People will listen to celebrities, even more than they will listen to esteemed doctors such as myself” said Paleo Cardiologist Dr. Jack Wolfson. “So well they may not have the brains and education that someone like me or my buddy Dana Ullman does, people will listen to their advice. That is why it is so important that we get as many celebrities on the anti-vaccine train as possible, and continue to steer people away from the real science and evidence around vaccines.”



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