Anti-vaccine doctor has letter published in medical journal, wows colleagues

Prominent anti-vaccine doctor and owner of the online supplement store, “Skin and Chocolate” Dr. Toni Bark continues to be the envy of anti-vaccine doctors everywhere following the publication of a letter entitled, “HPV vaccines and cancer prevention, science versus activism.” The letter was published in the open-access journal “Infectious Agents and Cancer” in 2013 and was in response to an editorial entitled “HPV Prevention series.”

At a recent Holistic Detox Summit, luminaries of the anti-vaccine movement such as Drs. Larry Pavelsky, Suzanne Humphries, and Sherri Tenpenny continually asked Dr. Bark how she “did it” and what is “was like” to have actually published something about vaccines in the medical literature.

“Oh sure,” said Humphries, “We’ve all published in VacTruth and Greenmedinfo – that’s nothing. But for one of us to have written a letter about vaccines which appears in PubMed, that’s what we call a big deal.”

“All the attention is nice, but kind of overwhelming,” Bark told The Spudd. “Mostly, I just want these doctors and especially your readers to know that publishing a letter in a medical journal is a lot harder than ordering an Astavita Pro Oral 6 pack Supplement Case or a Home Meso Kit from my online store. Both of these are currently available for $124.99 and $175.00 respectively.”

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