Anti-vaccer spends all day in Starbucks with laptop open to anti-vaccine website

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SEATTLE, WA – Local anti-vaccine advocate and science-denier Mike Murphy spent the better part of 8 hours in his local Starbucks yesterday, openly displaying an anti-vaccine website on his laptop.

“I wanted everyone there to know I wasn’t a sheep like them,” said Murphy in between sips of his latte. “I was hoping someone would say something to me about it. I kept trying to make eye contact with people but one really seemed to notice. It just goes to show how blind people are to the truth.”

The Spudd talked to several of the customers about the incident:



“I didn’t really notice him to be honest. I figured he was unemployed and working on some kind of screenplay.”

-Becky Hastings, unemployed screenwriter.



“I did notice his laptop screen and just really hoped he was debunking something.”

Thoran Holby, hipster.



“I didn’t know you were allowed to stay at Starbucks for 8 hours. I guess if you keep buying stuff they’ll let you stay. I hope he has a good detox plan.”

-Raoul Hanysh, amateur astronomer.



Evil doktor, pharma shill, vaccine chemist, Monsanto spokesperson, GMO lobbyist, chemtrail deployer and false flag organizer.