Anti-vaccer live tweets child's fight with measles

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TORONTO, ON, CANADA – Maggie Crosby is a strong believer in homeopathic and naturopathic medicine when it comes to treating her two young children. Both are un-vaccinated and both have already had both the chicken pox and the mumps (both children needed to be hospitalized for these trivial childhood diseases).

This month, Maggie (@mumloveskale) is live tweeting her youngest son’s ordeal with the measles:



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  • Tigger_the_Wing

    Please let this be fake… 🙁

    • AutismDad

      Its Spudd. Its fake.

      • sabelmouse

        and as usual badly done.

  • Karen Adams

    I pray to God this is fake. Nobody could really be this stupid! If so I truly feel sorry for her poor children!

    • JewelEyed

      Yes, it’s fake, but yes, people are this stupid regularly. Just Google to see all the children that have died because their parents chose faith healing or some other non-medical intervention over actual medicine.

      • sabelmouse

        or google the many children that have died because of medicine, vaccination, doctor’s errors.

        • JewelEyed

          It pales in comparison to how many children will die if people continue not to vaccinate and herd immunity breaks down. You wanna argue that getting the disease naturally is so great? Move to a country where vaccination levels are dangerously low with your unvaccinated kids and find out.

          • sabelmouse

            1. that’s conjecture and not a realistic one. as for instance the negative outcome of measles just pre vaccine in the 1st world was roughly 1/10000 due to sanitation and nutrition improvements there was never a need for a vaccine. farther improvements could have been made and we now know that vitamin a or lack thereof makes a huge difference.
            i admit that the way things are going poverty and bad living conditions might come back and decrease chances of healthy lives for many.
            whatever should we concentrate on i wonder.
            i myself am old enough to have had most of the minor childhood illnesses.
            the fact that they are deadly in some places is because of poverty and bad living conditions. the things that make the real difference.
            meanwhile we have more and more young people with chronic conditions.

          • JewelEyed

            Nothing you’ve just said is grounded in science. It’s funny how every disease that becomes rare does so due to “sanitation” right after the vaccine comes out, but not the other ones that supposedly are made rare due to “sanitation” years later, right after the vaccine for THAT disease comes out.

          • sabelmouse

            what is ”funny” is that i said nothing about any disease becoming rare but about negative outcomes such as death. and PRE vaccine.
            with that level of attention to detail i hope you’re not involved in any scientific endeavors.

          • JewelEyed

            You made the sanitation argument, I addressed the sanitation argument.

          • sabelmouse

            you addressed half my argument and based on something that i didn’t say.

    • AB

      Luckily this site is satire, but I’ve known people who would actually treat a disease like measles trivially. Hope it never actually happens to their kids.

      • sabelmouse

        have you really or have they just not bought into the ”measles is deadly” meme?