Anti-vaccer involved in fatal car accident after watching YouTube video and fixing own brakes

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ATLANTA, GA – In a tragic story of internet research gone wrong, local anti-vaccine advocate Dave Crosby was killed in a single vehicle accident off the interstate near Atlanta, Georgia last night.

Reports indicate Crosby attempted to fix the brakes in his car after watching a YouTube video.

“Dave was always researching stuff on youTube, always learning,” said friend and neighbor, Josh Sword. “He learned how to make his own antibiotics, how to fight off diseases with natural medicine and a whole host of other stuff.”

black-and-white-car-vehicle-vintage-mediumAfter spending the better part of the past year in the hospital recovering from multiple infections, Crosby was finally home and looking forward to taking his VW Beetle for a spin around town when he noticed the brakes didn’t work. Rather than go to his local garage, Crosby watched a YouTube video on how to change his own brakes.

“Dave told me he was taking off his old brake pads, rotors, and even the axle and chassis. I told him I didn’t think he needed to do all that but he said he wanted to replace his “toxic heavy metal chassis” with a more natural one.”

Unfortunately for Crosby, his home made chassis and shoddy repair job didn’t last very long. Only a few miles from his house, he lost control of the car and careened into a tree, losing his life and all-natural car chassis in the process.

An all-natural service will be held for Crosby where friends and family can come and see his rotting corpse beside the tree.


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