Anti-vaccer ignored at dinner party

BANGOR, ME – A woman recently attended a dinner party at her neighbors house in Bangor, Maine where she was completely ignored by all the other guests. Mary Crosby, 28, a new mother and hardline anti-vaccine cult member attempted to converse with her fellow guest about health, GMOs and of course vaccines. Unfortunately for her, no one was very receptive.

“It’s like I didn’t even exist,” explained Crosby. “I kept bringing up facts about healthcare and vaccines but no one would engage with me. It’s like they enjoy be naive and blind to the truth.”

The other guests at the party all reportedly believe in silly things like science and evidence, something that does not mix well with anti-vaccine sentiments.

Crosby said if she is ever invited to a dinner party again, she will still try and get her points about health and vaccines across to anyone who will listen. “The worst thing we can do is be silent” said Crosby. David Smith, host of the dinner party disagrees, “I think the worst thing you can do is not get your children vaccinated.”

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