Anti-helmet parents to hold rally to oppose mandatory bike helmet bill

LOS ANGELES, CA – Bill BMX277 is set to go to a vote next week and if it passes, it will strip the rights of children to ride their bikes without a helmet. Many anti-helmet parents are outraged that the bill will take away their right to choose whether or not their child needs to wear a helmet. They are planning a large rally in downtown Los Angeles to display their displeasure.

“This is a violation of our constitutional rights,” said Sherry Fivenickel, anti-helmer. “Why should my child be denied the right to ride their bikes on the street if they choose not to wear a helmet? A helmet by the way, that is full of chemicals.”

Dr. Dick Han, the creator of the bill, defends his actions saying it is in the best interest of all children. The bill also does not force anyone to wear a helmet.

“If parents decide to opt out of having their child wear a helmet, they can still home-ride. They can still have their kids ride their bikes in the house” explained Dr. Han.

Anti-helmers are claiming that Dr. Han is in the pockets of Big BMX and that he cannot be trusted.

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