Americans call for 'complete shutdown' of Donald Trump

NEW YORK, NY – Donald Trump was at it again last night, this time vowing that if he was elected President he would institute a “complete shutdown” on Muslims entering the United States.

As reported earlier by The Spudd Times, Mr. Trump was recently hospitalized for an allergic reaction to facts and experts believe this may be another reaction.

“No sane person can say and believe what Mr. Trump does,” said Dr. Steven Puddicombe, Emergency Room physician. “We are pretty certain Mr. Trump is having another severe allergic reaction to facts.”

Americans by and large are calling for a complete shutdown off Mr. Trump as his act has worn thin for many.

“I admit it was kind of funny at first, watching him in the debates and stuff but not anymore. Enough is enough,” said Roger Franklin, American.

At this point it is unclear whether Trump will continue to seek the Republican nomination on a racist platform, or whether he will do what several doctors are urging him to do and seek help.


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