86% of people would rather be treated by the cast of Grey’s Anatomy than a homeopath

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CLEVELAND, OH – A recent survey conducted by the Cleveland Mercy Hospital revealed that over 85% of people would rather get medical treatment from a member of the Grey’s Anatomy cast over a homeopath.

“I figure that working on that show for so many years, they must have picked up some medical knowledge and skill,” said one survey participant. “And even if they only know 1% of what a doctor does, that’s still 1% more than a homeopath.”

960Several other participants in the study echoed the thoughts above, justifying their answer saying the cast of medical shows will often have doctors on the staff making sure they get the science and medicine correct.

“I imagine Hugh Laurie (from the tv show House) has infinitely more medical knowledge than a homeopath or even a naturopath,” said James Tourny, 34. “If I had a medical emergency and could choose to get treatment from either Hugh Laurie or a naturopath or homeopath, I’m choosing Hugh every day of the week and twice on Sundays.”

Homeopaths argue that the study was biased as people just want to meet celebrities and, if people found themselves actually in this situation, they would all choose to pay $185 for magic water and sugar pills.


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