50,000 Pokemon Go characters magically fit into new Ark Encounter Museum

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LEXINGTON, KY – The New Ark Encounter Museum in Northern Kentucky is drawing dozens of visitors every day, making it the most popular Christian themed amusement park in the world.

The museum was begat by Ken Hamm, a young earth creationist with big dreams.

“The idea is to bring the story of the bible to life,” said Hamm. “I love to see the look in children’s eyes when they hear the completely factual tales of Adam living to the ripe old age of 930, or Noah fitting 50,000 animals onto his giant boat.”

Some people argue that it would have been impossible to fit that many animals into the ark. However, The Science Post has learned that at least 50,000 Pokemon Go characters have been confirmed to be on the Ark at the museum.

“They’re everywhere!” shouted one young boy who had been dragged to the museum while staying with his aunt. “I’m getting so many of them its crazy! I can’t believe my luck!”

Luck? Or all part of Gods plan?

“This just adds further proof that the Bible is the best history textbook there is” said Hamm. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I think I spotted Charizard over near the T-Rex.”


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