16 year old anti-vaccine prodigy offers "new hope" in the vaccine debate

PORTLAND, OR – 16 year old Matt Casey has already accomplished more in the fight against science and vaccines than most anti-vaccers will in their entire lifetime. The high-school junior started his foray into the anti-vaccine cult a few years ago after receiving his annual flu vaccine.

“I got my flu shot just like I always did” recalls Matt. “But this time I got a really sore arm and a bit of swelling.”

Matt vowed that this would be his last horrifying experience with a vaccine. He started to “do his research” like any good anti-vaccine zealot does, and what he found shocked him.

“I had no idea that there were so many chemicals in vaccines. So many bad things,” explains Casey. “I decided at that point I would dedicate my life to spreading misinformation about vaccines.”

Matt already has a website in the works and is also planning on writing a book about his experience with the flu vaccine entitled “Armed and Dangerous: The time I got a sore arm from the flu vaccine.”

Anti-vaccers and pseudoscientists alike are welcoming Matt into their camp with open (albeit sore) arms.

“I think it’s great that someone so young has already opened their eyes to the true threat of Big Pharma and vaccines,” said Sherri Tenpenny, longtime anti-vaccine cult member. “As long as he doesn’t open a a supplement store!” she laughed.

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