104 year-old woman recalls the good ol' days of no processed food, no vaccines and no siblings

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LONDON, UK – Connie Owen just celebrated her 104th birthday and sat down with our reporter to talk about her life and how much better the world was back before Big Pharma and Monsanto took over.

Spudd Times: Hi Connie, thank you for sitting down with us.

Connie: My pleasure.

ST: So tell us what life was like a hundred years ago?

C: Oh life was grand back then. We didn’t have things like processed food, these GMO foods I keep hearing my grandkids talk about and almost no vaccines. Everyone lived a very simple and natural life.

ST: Wow, that’s sounds great. What was your family life like?

C: Well dad was gone a lot, especially during the war and we had to scrape by on whatever we could find to eat. I also lost five of my siblings to the Spanish Flu just after the war ended. Then mom ended up getting Consumption (tuberculosis) and she passed away not long after that. It was a difficult time.

ST: Yes it must have been. But at least you didn’t get autism from vaccines or cancer from Monsanto right?

C: Oh yes, I thank my lucky stars for that every day. I don’t think I would be here today if I have be given all those vaccines and eaten all those new GMO foods.

ST: How else was life different back then?

C: Well back then things like anesthetic and anesthesia were still being worked out, so if someone needed surgery they often were in a lot of pain or even died. My sister Jenny died during childbirth when she was 20 and that was a hard time for those of us in the family who were still alive.

ST: Do you have any advice for people who wish to live to be a hundred?

C: Oh yes. You must try to eat healthy and avoid things like vaccines and those Monsanto foods. You must try to have as many children as you can while you’re young (provided you live through childbirth) as many of them will die from the spots or Consumption.

ST: Thank you very much Mrs. Owen.

C: My pleasure.


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